Co-parenting support ensures that both parties maintain the joy in parenting, as there is a shared goal of doing what is best for their child. 

Co-Parenting Therapy

  • One party co-parenting (one parent only) therapy is offered to learn the skills of co-parenting. This is usually done when the other parent is not able or available to attend. A certificate of participation in therapy will be provided.

  • Two party co-parenting (both parents) is offered so that both parties can learn the skills necessary to effectively co-parent their child(ren). In this format, you will learn how to work together to make current and future decisions in your child's life. A certificate of participation in therapy will be provided. 

Co-Parenting Classes

Co-parenting classes are an alternative to co-parenting therapy. Co-parenting classes are educational in nature.  

We offer custom co-parenting education to accommodate your schedule and other special circumstances. Contact us for more information.

Certificates will be provided upon completion of the class.